trending fashion 2016


The trend of spring and summer dressing has come to a screeching halt, as fashion designers have pulled back on the bold, daring lines that have been on the rise for the past year. Instead we’re left with the boring, “same-old, same-old” colors that have been in vogue since the 90’s.

The only thing that makes spring and summer so exciting is the fact that it’s all the same old colors. For me, that would be boring. No more beige, fuchsia, and brown. Instead you’d have some bright, bold colors like red and green that would allow the colors to pop in a different way, like the new trend of bright red lipsticks.

There is also a trend of the colors to be more bold and vibrant. A trend that is just now beginning to hit the mainstream, and which is a lot harder to keep up with than it seems. I mean, when you’re looking at the new trend’s Facebook profile pictures, you’ll see that the colors aren’t exactly subtle. You will notice that the colors are vibrant and bold, with lots of color, and that they are the most vibrant colors you can find.

But there is a more subtle trend that is really starting to gain popularity, one that is not so much a trend as it is a new way of looking at colors, one that many of us have done in the last couple of months. There are more subtle, but just as beautiful, colors which fall into the “hue” of the same color, but which have a slightly different hue.

I think this may have to do with the fact that, for the past couple of years, we have been experiencing a major shift in the way we wear our clothing. It used to be that when you walked into a store and saw a dress, you would walk around looking for a dress. These days you would just buy a dress and wear it. It has been a huge shift in how we look at our clothes, and it is only growing in popularity.

Fashion is very much like the weather. It’s hard to see because the colors and styles vary so much from season to season. But there is one thing that consistently trends: the colors. It was an interesting experiment to go on a shopping trip to the mall and see what colors I would be wearing. My results were very interesting. They were all the colors that were trending from September 2016 to December 2016. Color preferences (and they are very different) were the main takeaway.

The trend for most people is to wear neutral colors. This is because the color of the sky, earth, and water on the surface of the earth is neutral. However, the colors of the clouds, ocean, and sea are different from the colors of the sky. For example, a sunset is a color that is green, blue, red, and orange. A sunrise is a color that is yellow, orange, and green.

That said, there are certain colors that are trending that are very different from the colors on the surface of the earth. One example is the colors of the sky and the ocean. The sky is mostly white. The ocean is a color that is green and blue. The sky and the ocean look different from each other.

This is all to say that the sky and the ocean are trending. That may or may not be a trend, but it is trending to a certain extent.

I could not agree more. It is a trend that is very different from the sky and the ocean, but it is trending nonetheless. It’s also really interesting to note that the only color trending in fashion right now is red. The color of the sky is trending as well.

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