How to Watch Your Cable TV Channel on a Smaller Screen?


Digital preferences are consistently changing, with people gradually realizing how much space they can save by opting for various screen sizes that are far more compact and efficient. This is a solid reason why small screens, like those of laptops or smartphones, are now considered more in comparison to the large HD TV screen. This is also because the average consumer adapts more quickly to smaller screens and with telecom companies encouraging the bundling of internet and TV services together, people want to save popular video content for later viewing as well. So no matter where they go, they want the option to watch their favorites later. Although this functionality is missed by the large TV screen, today it’s often more about user convenience that requires one to be handy and reasonable, which is why watching cable TV on the laptop may be a good idea after all.

Connecting the Laptop to Cable TV – Is It That Simple?

Before connecting the laptop to the large HD TV screen, it is suggested that one should check if their cable TV service offers an app. Users can either check cable providers by zip code or call customer service of their current provider to know more about the various facets of the cable TV service. Many providers do offer a TV app today, so new users, who are not comfortable with the technical aspect of connecting different wires, can simply download the app and make the small screen option work instantly for them.

However, it doesn’t take much rocket science on the part of the digital consumer to connect their TV set with cable service via the HDMI cable. But the same cannot be said about connecting the cable TV wires with the laptop. This is when it is expected to get slightly complicated, especially if you are not the tech-savvy kind. This article aims to discuss the available options that will further help users decide how they want to watch cable TV – on their laptop or otherwise:

Steps to Connect the Laptop to Your Cable TV

To connect the laptop with the cable TV, a user would require a TV Tuner card, which is a cable that connects the USB port on the laptop to the wall cable outlet in the house. This cable can be bought from any computer or nearby electronics store. The same goes for the TV Tuner card and once it’s installed, the laptop is easily able to pick TV signals from their cable TV. Moreover, TV Tuner cards come with varying quality and so the better they are, the better capability they would have to capture video and record TV content, the same way a digital DVR would.

However, before purchasing, users are advised to check the compatibility of the card with the home computer system, for different systems come with varying requirements. Once, users have all the essentials with them, it’s easier to establish a link between the cable TV and laptop where the user wants to watch. Slide the TV Tuner card into the PCMCIA slot of the laptop. Next, connect the newly purchased cable and connect it to one end of the wall outlet and plug the other end into the laptop. Install drivers, restart your laptop device, and you are all set to watch cable TV on your laptop! Make it come alive as all your favorite TV shows and movies can now be viewed on the laptop without any hassle.

Utilize Streaming Options to Your Benefit Like Xtream TV

An alternative method that subscribers can utilize to their benefit is by opting for the latest streaming options that can be selected instead. If the TV Tuner card option seems too much for you and you are looking for something easier, contact your current cable TV service and ask about available streaming options. This can include Live streaming and an On-Demand option as well. Many notable cable TV providers now include streaming options as well, so going for this will easily help to connect cable TV to a relatively smaller screen like the laptop.

For instance, Xtream TV facilitates all the entertainment needs of their customers! Whether it’s the impressive Xtream TV channel lineup or the myriad of On-Demand titles, consider boring TV amped up with epic programming that simply jazzes the conventional homey binge-a-thons! Whether a subscriber lives independently or is a part of a small household, there is something for everyone.

From local channels to premium programming options, Xtream TV has it all. What’s more, the monthly bundles ensure that one stays glued to their television screen for hours! No matter which Xtream monthly TV package one subscribes to, the subscriber is not limited to watching their favorites on the large HD TV screen alone. In fact, with the Xtream app, one can even catch premium options like Live TV or On-Demand content on their smartphones anytime they like!

Wrapping Up

So that’s how cable TV can be watched on a smaller screen like the laptop device. Whether one opts to go for the TV Turner card method or simply opt for a simpler streaming option, ultimately depends on the convenience of the subscriber. However, if you are unable to decide or unable to link up, we recommend that you speak to an Xtream customer support representative at 1-855-349-9315.


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