How Do Car Sales With an Instant Offer Work? 


When it’s a matter of selling cars instantly, you have to think no further as it is one of the free services offered by car sales service providers. But as long as you are good with selling it for the wholesale price, it’s an acceptable deal one can avail of instantly. 

While you know the hassles of finding the one who is interested in your cars, car sales with an instant offer can get the process done way easier. Here’s the breakdown of what the procedure can look like. 

Step 1: Get an instant offer for your car.

Be it any car, you’ll be given a sell now offer for the car you want to sell. The offer is entirely instant; it’s your choice to make. 

Step 2: Condition to confirm

Now you may want to accept the offer, before which you would have to get the car inspected virtually by the mobile car inspector by the company. 

Step 3: Inspection for the deal to happen 

Now when the car sales with an instant offer are confirmed or booked with the time, and the date is picked, it’s time they come to inspect the car for its condition as mentioned by you while giving the details requested by them. Remember that you got an offer because of the description you gave about the car on the platform; hence, you need to provide a legit description. The incorrectness of any data will be rejected from the application.

What’s checked during the inspection?

  1. The car in the sale must clear the road inspection. 
  2. The car must have been registered.
  3. The vehicle must clear the assessment of wear and tear regarding the exterior and interior abilities.
  4. The car has all the records related to the service.
  5. The vehicle must have no issues with the mechanical side.
  6. The car is free of any modifications and also has no rust. 

Step 4: Offer on inspection clearance.

Once the record is clean, the offer is all yours, and you may accept it on the go as the company inspector would have the detailed summary of the report and the rounding price of the vehicle offered to you. It’s solely upon you to take or leave the offer as anything is acceptable.

Step 5: In case you accepted the offer 

In exchange for a small fee, the car can be picked up by the wholesale buyers, or otherwise, you may park the car at any of the appropriate locations for them to buy. The validity of the offer depends on the services. The minimum is 48 hours for that instant. 

In the immediate needs of the payment, you often tend to make sudden but maybe not the best choices. In some instances, the condition may be such that it doesn’t matter what the offer is in the first place, but it is always upon you to crack the right offer that suits your requirements. In other instances, it is rational to think of the money you invested even before purchasing the car at the moment of sale for getting a deal that you think is best. Regardless of which, it’s upon you to research and avail of the best offers from the services who are giving the buck for the investment you made long back! If the price is agreeable, you know you are at the best spot to grab it with no further ado. With that said, your car will have to depart from you with the instant offer. A happy car sale!

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