fashion week september 2017


the time of year that brings out the most creativity, the most effort, and the most sweat. Fashion week is one of those weeks where you feel like you have to try on a whole new wardrobe and maybe even get a haircut. We’ve already seen the runway shows, and we can’t wait for September to get here.

Our friends at Weezer have created a very sleek and stylish new Weezer track, “Ride Like the Wind.” It’s a song off of their latest album, and it is also the first single off of the band’s upcoming album, the follow-up to their debut, which came out in September of 2014.

Weezer has also got a new video for the track, and it is absolutely amazing. It is a very cool way to show off the band’s new and improved attitude.

The video is from the new Weezer album, The Black Album, which is out on June 1st. The song is called, “Ride Like the Wind”, and it is so awesome that we’re not sure if we should link to it. It was directed by Weezer producer Matt Collar, and it was shot by the band, and it looks great.

Weezer’s new video is absolutely phenomenal. It’s a great way for the band to show off their new attitude, and it also shows off a few new songs (notably the title track). It’s definitely not a bad way to start the day.

The music video for Ride Like The Wind was shot with a camera that shoots 360-degrees. This means that it can shoot in multiple directions and all of them can be seen simultaneously. The band has been known to do this with songs like, We’re Not Gonna Take It, We’re Not Going, and We’re Not Gonna Let It Go.

This is a great example of the band’s love for 360-degree camera work. A lot of videos, particularly music videos, have to be shot in one take that way. But when it comes to a band like The Smithereens, it’s a great way for the band to show off their new attitude and new song.

As usual, the band is doing everything from wigs to hoodies to tattoos. In the video, the band is on stage, playing this new song, and it’s just all about the clothes. The band looks ridiculous in these outfits, even if they’re playing a song you already know.

We’re only going to be using the word “cute” in this one. We’ll do a quick review of the other videos, since you don’t want to ruin your own film.

Its already pretty hard to keep up with the latest music trends. You have to have a lot of time to look up everything that is going on, and with the massive amount of bands coming out, the amount of time that is spent on that is huge. It can take a lot of time to pick what to wear, as well as how you wear it. That said, I really loved this video as well. It makes the bands look so good.

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