cindy mccain fashion


I think a lot of fashion brands are trying too hard to be trendy, and I think this is one of their biggest mistakes. It’s not easy to be trendy at all, especially if you’re competing against your own style. It’s hard to be trendy without a sense of your own identity, so you don’t have to worry about that. This is why there’s such a huge lack of self-awareness among fashion brands.

To be trendy, youre going to need a cool look, clothes with cool prints, and some way to match your lifestyle with your clothes. Its not about being stylish, its about being fashionable, and I think most brands are not up to the task. I think this is why I was so disappointed about the recent launch of The Fenty Foundation, a foundation whose mission is to educate girls about fashion and encourage self-confidence, which is what should go into most self-conscious fashion brands.

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