Benefits of Wooden Pallets


As you all know by now, pallets come in different materials. While the most commonly used varieties are made of wood and plastic, people still prefer wooden custom pallets to carry on with their businesses. Read through until the end of this article to know why wooden pallets dominate the market.

What Is So Special About Wooden Pallets?

#1 Affordability

Most people prefer using wooden pallets because it is cheap, and it doesn’t take much to buy them in bulk. Since these are readily available and inexpensive, they are used globally by market vendors and other industry-specific companies. Since wood is abundant (in the form of pine and oak), the manufacturing process is quite cheap. 

#2 Low Maintenance

If you are moving products in bulk, you should consider using wooden pallets since these are completely low-maintenance. The only possible demerit of having wooden custom pallets is that they can easily lose their strength when exposed to water or dampness. Wood absorbs water readily that can ruin the products that it carries. Furthermore, a damp wooden pallet can lead to the growth of microscopic bodies. A water-resistant cover or simply keeping the pallets from coming in contact with water will do the trick! 

#3 High Tensile Strength

The higher the tensile strength, the more the durability. Since wood has higher tensile strength, it will be easier to carry a significant amount of consignment. Owing to their high tensile strength, wooden pallets do not break or crack easily. If your business requires a lot of shipments coming in and going out, consider wooden pallets because they are strong as an ox!

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#4 Biodegradable 

Needless to say, wooden pallets are biodegradable. As more and more businesses are taking on to go green, it is time that you consider using wooden pallets over plastic or steel ones. 

#5 Low Repair Expenses

Since wooden pallets are made of natural raw material, they are bound to disintegrate at the joints and eventually weaken. However, the repair expenses won’t be even a bit expensive. Furthermore, since the prices are reasonable, you can always restock your older pallets with new ones! 

#6 Easily Customisable

With an abundance of timber, wooden pallets can be made to accommodate your specific requirement as far as measurements are concerned. They are easy to cut and are still strong even when the length of individual cut pieces of wood is higher than usual. It does not matter if your product has a great length or a thick girth. Pallet manufacturing companies will be happy to accommodate your specific needs. 

Final Thoughts 

Since wood has an affinity for water that can seriously endanger its durability and life, wooden pallets are preferred for businesses that deal with the shipping of dry materials. Furthermore, with wooden pallets prone to fire and water damage, you must install considerable risk management personnel and equipment nearby. 

However, what sets wooden pallets apart from other materials needs no introduction. All you have to do is to weigh out the pros and cons and see what’s the safest option for you. The bulkier your shipments are, the larger the size of the pallets; the larger the size of the pallets, the higher the expenses. Since multiple parameters are at work, you must take the time to judge and decide. 


Contact the best Australian supplier with your wooden pallet requirements. Describe your project, and they will be happy to assist you with price and quantity estimations.

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