5 Acoustic Products You Didn’t Know You Needed 


Are you a fan of soundscaping? Who doesn’t appreciate some peace and calm in their workspaces? Did you know there are some soundscaping products out there to create and improve your atmosphere at work and home? A place designed with the right acoustic solution provides an enhanced and quieter experience for any setting. Here are five soundscaping solutions you did not know you needed! 

#1 3D Acoustic Wall Tiles 

What makes a home come into life? 3D wallpapers! But hey, why go for wallpapers when you can now install the highest sound-absorbing 3D acoustic tiles? To enliven your dull walls and provide an exclusive acoustic solution, these tiles come in different patterns that allow you to choose from various prints and materials too! It brings an elevated feel to your walls while trapping sound in its porous structure. 

#2 Carpet Tiles 

Carpet tiles are the best option for business and work environments where you cannot add any extra soundscaping (as it might be a distraction in itself). These tiles are created out of premium nylon and act as sound-absorbing agents while also emanating a luxurious feel with their soft carpet look. Choose the colour and collection according to your preferences or chromatic scheme, and you will be all set to get an updated interior for your work setting!

#3 Acoustic Desk Dividers 

An acoustic desk divider is an easy way to take the soundscaping of your desired setting up a few notches! This is another solution that can be easily installed for business and office settings but would also work well for home offices and study areas. Using the acoustic solution of desk dividers provides you with your own space. It builds up a natural barrier that ensures more concentration, minimises distractions, guarantees privacy and provides ample space for your work! 

#4 Acoustic Wall Art Panels 

Psst! Here is a secret. All your acoustic soundscaping needs can now be combined with your favourite art pieces! Yes, with these immensely innovative FilaSorb printed artworks, you can get your favourite art pieces converted into an acoustic wall art panel! With an NRC Rating of around 0.75, these wall art panels can act as a decorative element and an excellent sound absorbent. Suitable for all kinds of workspaces, art panels are always a great addition to any setting. 

#5 Acoustic Ceiling Clouds 

An undoubtedly easy-to-install and use solution is acoustic ceiling clouds. These ceiling clouds are highly customisable and can be used to target specific areas for soundscaping. With no hassle other than simply installing them in a particular setting, these clouds will surely offer highly personalised soundscaping for the targeted areas. 

One can find multiple types and designs in ceiling designs for acoustic soundscaping. These clouds are just one of the best solutions. Apart from them, you can also opt for coloured or printed ceiling tiles, which will provide a similar experience in a more basic look. These could be some tremendous go-to options if you want to avoid anything funky. 

Final Words 

Gone are the days when soundscaping was about glass doors, boring instalments, and cabins. An acoustic overhaul need not only be about providing a quieter environment. All the above-mentioned products are sure to meet your soundscaping needs and uplift your architectural and interior design! 

Why use some basic acoustic equipment when you can now entirely revolutionise your homes and workspaces with innovative state-of-the-art acoustic solutions? Say goodbye to basic and say yes to acoustic!

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